As a student of Masters in Occupational Therapy in Paediatrics, Manish received Gold Medal for being the most meritorious candidate. He received the award through the hands of Smt Sonia Gandhi. He prepared and presented 2 research papers in OT while doing final year of postgraduation and presented the same in Hyderabad AIOTA conference.

Manish started working as Occupational Therapist in 2000. He was the head of Sensory Integration unit in 2005 as part of an NGO and worked individually with 70 children and parents. The work done in OT/ SI was then produced as research work.

Manish took up academic contribution at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay National Institute for Person with Physical Disabilities (formerly called PDDUIPH) by standing first in the All India written objective exam in 2007.

He was promoted to Demonstrator OT in 2008 by standing first in All India written objective exam again.

Along with Malvika Samnani in 2009, he started an entrepreneurship OT clinic in a small scale inside the one of the 3 bedrooms of a 8th floor building with minimal resources. This was the first private OT clinic of Gurgaon and Haryana called SOCH.

This small initiative later developed into a multidisciplinary team model with holistic care as the central vision.

This model is now being followed by a lot of OT in New Delhi and North India.

Manish Samnani has been verified as a Region Lead for Region 8 (India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh) Central Asia 2019 onwards for EASI.

Evaluation in Ayers Sensory Integration (EASI) International Normative Data Collection project, is a set of tests which will measure the core constructs of Ayers Sensory Integration. While data collection in the United States will be conducted under the director of Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania.

For his contributions to the field, Manish Samnani received the National Award by the Mayor of Mumbai, at National Conference of All India Occupational Therapists Association, 2020

Few other recognitions and awards that Manish has received include –

Felicitation in Occupational Therapy by VIMHANS, 2014 and 2018 New Delhi.

Key-note speaker by NEURAXIS 2019, a neurology and therapy conference.

Felicitation by ICDDR, B an international NGO in Dhaka, Bangladesh.